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82. How Do I Unblock Images In Outlook Express

After installing Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) and downloading emails into Outlook Express, you will find that no images are downloaded with the email. Only the placeholders are shown. This is a security feature that can prevent the person sending the email (usually a company) from knowing that you have opened the mail. To change this option so that images are downloaded with all your mail do the following.

1/ Launch Outlook Express.

2/ On the main Toolbar click the Tools option.

3/ From the drop down menu that appears click Options.

4/ The Options Window will now open.

5/ Click the Security tab.

6/ On the Security tab screen look for the section marked 'Download images'.

7/ Now uncheck the 'Block images and other external content in HTML email'.

8/ Finally click Apply followed by OK to exit.

9/ The next time you download your email the images should all be in place.