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21. How Do I Locate The Backup Utility In XP Home

It is amazing how the things you come to rely on are always well hidden without any instruction on how to access them. This is particularly true of the Windows Backup Utility in Windows XP Home. I have always found it rather nonsensical to have the Backup Utility automatically installed in Windows XP Professional, yet leave the utility on the CD in XP Home.  However, help is at hand!

If you don't have a Windows XP CD you can download a copy of NTBackup.msi from the following link:


Alternatively try your PC manufacturer's website. Many PC Manufacturer's have download copies of the NTBackup file on their support websites.

1/ Insert your XP CD into your CD-ROM.

2/ Hold the Shift key down during the initial CD spin up to prevent the the CD's Auto Run application from running. All you want to do is Browse the CD, not run setup.

3/ Open Windows Explorer and click on plus sign next to your CD-ROM drive letter.

4/ The directory folders on your CD should now become visible.

5/ First Look for a folder called VALUEADD.

6/ Click on the VALUEADD folder to open it.

7/ Within this folder you should see another folder called MSFT.

8/ Click on the MSFT folder to open it.

9/ When the folder opens you should see a file called NTBACKUP.

10/ Click the NTBACKUP file to setup the backup utility.

11/ After the backup utility has been installed you can launch it by clicking on Start button>AllPrograms>Accessories>SystemTools>Backup.